“I’m an adult, but not like a real adult”

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Team free will

#mami and madohomu #mami and kyousaya

poor mumi tho

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"See the thing about being an evil villain is that instead of letting your inner demons fester & weaken you you can control them and ride your majestic, winged beasts of terror into battle against your enemies." — Mary Rose, theeverydaygoth.tumblr.com

Evil Supply Co. proudly partnered with the brilliant Mary Rose to develop this 8” x 10” art print as the first part of our upcoming Sotto Voce collection.

Available for $5.00 + S&H in our store.

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Love thy neighbor notes.

Finish reading 14 Notes Calling Out Neighbors On Their Loud Sex

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promoting body positivity for larger girls:


doing so by throwing skinny girls under the bus, calling thinner girls “fake”, or insisting that being bigger is “what men really want” (implying that any female body type is only good if it has male approval):


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DIY Crochet Shark Pouch by Tamara Kelly on Ravelry. People who made this pattern overwhelmingly “loved it”.You have to sign up for Ravelry but it is easy to do and so worth it. Top and Bottom Left Photos: DIY by Tamara Kelly. Bottom Right Photo: DIY by thiswaythatway here. She added red felt to the mouth. In honor of shark week starting August 10th, 2014.

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parenting tip: talk to your kids about mental illness. tell them they might have a hard time. tell them they can ask for therapy and medication. tell them they aren’t alone. tell them if your family has a history of mental illnesses and which ones. just fucking talk to your kids and be there for them.

Yes please please do this it could save a lot of suffering

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i’m fucking giffing and when i clicked ahead in the video to find the scene i wanted this is what the frame looked like i cannot fucking believe this this is the dweeb you’re all in love with good fucking bye

the last sheikah is truly a sight to behold.

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you don’t choose who you ship, it just comes naturally without you realising, and before you know it you’re a crying mess on the floor.

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